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Genesis Declares War On BMW, Mercedes, And Audi

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Germany's luxury automakers have been put on notice.

Korea's luxury brand Genesis has big plans for stardom. With intentions to cement its brand's reputation alongside that of BMW, Mercedes and Audi, the young automaker certainly has its work cut out for it. But before it goes the route of trying to elevate its brand's status, it first has to overcome the biggest roadblock preventing its plans for domination from taking shape: the fact it has a very small lineup. With only three models, the G70, G80, and G90 currently on sale, and all of them sedans, Genesis needs to drastically expand its portfolio if it has any hopes of competing with the German luxury giants.

And thanks to what Genesis Motors global head Manfred Fitzgerald told GoAuto, we now know that's exactly what's slated to happen.

Speaking at the brand's Australian media launch, Genesis' boss said that the company will soon double the size of its lineup, releasing at least three more models by 2021. "This is only the beginning of it," said Fitzgerald. "We will have an extension of our product line-up until 2021, we will have six vehicles out there, of which we will have the first SUV which will be followed by a second SUV shortly thereafter."

He went on to add, "Then we will have more exciting body styles which I won't disclose at this point, which will arrive subsequently. So, rest assured that there will be a full line-up coming very soon."

Thanks to concepts like the GV80 unveiled at the 2017 New York Auto Show, we already knew that Genesis was working on at least one SUV, a no-brainer considering that customers are so SUV hungry that even supercar manufacturers are building them in order to regain relevance.

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The production version of the GV80 will be a mid-size SUV or larger, but Genesis would be smart to make its second SUV a compact model in order to reach a broader audience. But the question remains, what is the sixth car Genesis is working on?

Fitzgerald apparently hinted that it could be a fully-electric 2+2 sports sedan/coupe (like the four-door Mercedes-AMG GT) based on the Essentia Concept unveiled at the 2018 New York Auto Show, which would give the brand a halo car that caters to two types of buyer: the sports car customer and zero-emissions vehicle-shopper. We certainly wouldn't be sad to see that happen.