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Genesis G70 Gets Handling Help From BMW M Division

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Watch how that transforms the G70 into a very capable stunt car.

To make the Genesis G70 a more agile car, the Korean automaker gave ex BMW M boss Albert Biermann the reigns while the sedan was in its development phase. But in order to demonstrate the resulting agility of the new 2019 G70, Genesis teamed up with Donut Media, award-winning film industry veterans, and professional drivers to film a series of Hollywood-style car chase scenes starring the luxury sedan.

In the first episode, the G70 was used to slide under a semi-truck's trailer to recreate a famous stunt from The Fast and the Furious. For the second episode, the team paid tribute to a scene from Baby Driver by having the sedan perform a "threading the needle" maneuver, driving through a gap while narrowly missing a reversing truck.

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For the third and final part of the stunt series, stunt driver Tanner Foust executes a tricky forward-entry 180 turn similar to a scene in the 2011 movie Drive starring Ryan Gosling. The scene was shot in the same LA location as other famous car scenes from films such as The Terminator, The Dark Knight, The Italian Job, and Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, requiring several public roads to be shut down. All three stunts had to be completed in just 12 hours.

Before the stunt, Genesis modified the G70 by disabling traction control, stability control, and the wheel speed sensors. Foust then had to drive 35 mph before lifting off the gas and hitting the brakes in order to shift weight onto the front end of the car. It was then a case of pulling the handbrake to lock up the rear wheels and turning the wheel to initiate the spin. About three-quarters of the way into the spin, Foust then unwinds the steering wheel, throws the car into reverse and lets off the handbrake. Just as the steering wheel returns to the center, he then steps on the gas to regain traction.

Thanks to the magic of editing, the three separate stunts have been stitched together into one seamless scene to create a thrilling car chase that looks like it was ripped straight out of a Hollywood movie.