Genesis GV60 Scans Your Face To Unlock The Doors

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You won't need a key, fob, or smartphone to open the GV60.

As technology has advanced, your smartphone can now act as a digital key that unlocks your car doors as you approach it. In the Genesis GV60, however, you won't even need a key, fob, or smartphone to open the door. Genesis has announced plans to roll out new "Face Connect" technology that allows vehicles to recognize human faces to open and close doors without using a smart key.

Genesis' Face Connect technology has other advantages, too. Once the driver has been identified with face recognition and their profile is synced, the technology can improve comfort by automatically adjusting the driver's seat and steering wheel based on their saved preferences.


The head-up-display, side mirrors, and infotainment settings can also be automatically adjusted based on the driver's stored settings.

The technology features an infrared camera that can detect whether a face is stored on the system, even at night or during cloudy weather. This also means the driver will no longer need to carry keys with them all the time as the doors can be locked using the face recognition system if the smart key is left in the car. Up to two faces can be stored for each vehicle and new profiles can be created using a voice assistant.


The face recognition software works in conjunction with a fingerprint scanner, which can be used to start and drive the car. The GV70 is also available with fingerprint-scanning tech.

In addition, over-the-air updates that were limited to infotainment features such as the navigation, digital cluster, and head-up-display will be expanded to support other upgrades including for the suspension, brakes, steering wheel, and airbags. Genesis plans to add the face recognition, fingerprint scanner, and expanded over-the-air software updates to its first dedicated electric vehicle, the GV60. It remains to be seen if the technology will be available in the US-spec model.

2022 Genesis GV60 Front View Genesis
2022 Genesis GV60 Rear View Genesis
2022 Genesis GV60 Sideward Vision Genesis

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