Genesis GV60 To Be World's First EV To Recharge Wirelessly

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This could be a game-changer.

The Genesis GV60 is due to arrive with us shortly, and as we get closer to its full reveal, we've been seeing leaks, spy shots, and, most importantly, teaser material from Genesis itself. The teasers are particularly important for this car because they've been showing us just how special the GV60 will be, how unique it will be. Yes, we know what the interior and exterior of the first Genesis EV will look like, but we've also learned about the futuristic ways that this car is making driving fun and exciting again. Now, there are reports that the GV60 will wow us in another way by becoming the world's first vehicle to launch with a wireless charging system.

2022 Genesis GV60 Front Angle View Genesis
2022 Genesis GV60 Rear Angle View Genesis

Obviously, we're not talking about charging your smartphone without a cabled connection but rather the EV itself. Green Car Reports reports that the GV60 is believed to get this ability through WiTricity, a company that has previously worked with Hyundai, which owns Genesis and Kia. WiTricity claims that its tech can inductively charge a vehicle at rates of up to 11kW, and if the system is to be fitted to the GV60, it would be the first of its kind on a production vehicle. However, it's unlikely that the tech will be easily available in all markets and is expected to be exclusive to the Korean market in the initial phases of its rollout.

2022 Genesis GV60 Steering Wheel Design Genesis
2022 Genesis GV60 Dashboard Genesis

This isn't the first time that we've heard rumors of wireless inductive charging making its way to a new Genesis EV, so hearing of a story like this again brings with it the suggestion that the rumor is true. Unfortunately, Genesis has not yet made any comments on the rumor, as usual, but we expect that if this turns out to be true, we'll be hearing a lot about it everywhere. Other companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been working on wirelessly recharging EVs for years now, and beating legacy automakers like those to market would surely be a massive cause for celebration. More importantly, the sooner this tech rolls out from a luxury brand, the sooner you and I can experience it in the real world of affordable EVs.

2022 Genesis GV60 Side View Genesis
2022 Genesis GV60 Gearbox Controls Genesis
2022 Genesis GV60 Infotainment System Genesis
Source Credits: Green Car Reports

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2022 Genesis GV60 Rear Angle View
2022 Genesis GV60 Steering Wheel Design
2022 Genesis GV60 Dashboard
2022 Genesis GV60 Side View
2022 Genesis GV60 Front Angle View

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