Genesis Has Already Exported Over 10,000 G80 And GV80 Models

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Things are looking good for the luxury brand.

Genesis has been making great in-roads in the luxury car market, releasing a number of exciting new models. Many of these models will be very important for the Korean carmaker as they will be totally new to buyers with no previous experience of the marque. But it seems that demand has been good for the G80 and GV80, despite delays plaguing both models. According to South Korean newspaper Digital Times, Genesis has exported over 10,000 units in the first two months of shipping. 4,017 G80 models have reportedly been exported, along with 6,595 GV80 units during October and November.

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This works out to a total of 11,612 units, which accounts for half of all Genesis exports (21,605 units) this year. Most of the G80 and GV80 models were destined for American shores, since the new offerings from Genesis were supposed to be launched here in the first half of 2020. Thanks to the aforementioned delays, this didn't happen, but we have no doubt that Genesis is on the right track to dominate luxury car sales as planned. This won't be easy to achieve, and there are some stumbling blocks to the brand's success already evident, but some great discount offers should offset any qualms buyers may have about trying out the relatively new luxury marque.

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Thus far, the GV80 has been launched in Australia, Russia, Canada, and the Middle East, but North America is naturally the main market that Genesis wants to conquer. Considering the waves that Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis have been making in the industry thanks to new tech, impressive design, and good value, the brand should see many more exports happen over the course of 2021. Here's hoping that the pandemic plays no further role in stunting the brand's success going into the new year, but no matter what happens from here on out, rival manufacturers should take note - Genesis is only at the beginning of its life but is already pushing big numbers.

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