Genesis Home Is The All-In-One Home Charging Solution For EV Owners

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Presenting Genesis Home, complete with rooftop solar, energy storage, and EV charging systems.

Genesis has announced what it very appropriately calls Genesis Home, an ecosystem consisting of an AC EV charger, solar panels, and energy storage systems that can be purchased via a new online platform to allow its EV customers all of the benefits of home charging and reduced energy consumption.

Genesis, the luxury arm of the Hyundai Motor Group, intends for its lineup to be entirely EV by 2030 and, before that, will stop launching new gas-powered models by 2026. It's already making significant efforts towards this goal, and Genesis Home is a perfect example.

Owners of the GV60, Electrified G80, and Electrified GV70 can presumably already take advantage.


"Genesis Home is an end-to-end mobility solution that both lowers barriers to EV adoption while simultaneously providing a seamless solution for our discerning clients to generate and store dependable, clean electric power and to harness their home energy to charge their electric vehicle," said Claudia Marquez, chief operating officer of Genesis North America. Genesis says it is "streamlining the home electrification process" by teaming up with experienced installers and "energy advisors."

These advisors will work directly with customers throughout the home installation process to customize everything according to their needs. They'll also be on hand once everything is installed to ensure everything works as it should and answer any follow-up questions.

If Genesis Home sounds familiar, you're right. Tesla already offers something very similar, and it's called Powerwall. It also consists of an integrated home battery system capable of storing energy by serving as a backup generator if the electrical grid goes offline.

2023 Genesis GV60 Front Angle View CarBuzz
2023 Genesis GV60 Central Console CarBuzz

Tesla has a rooftop solar panel charging system as well. The Genesis Home ecosystem's three main components, a ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 Charger, the aforementioned solar panels and energy storage systems, and all other additional components, are already compatible with Genesis' electric products. It's also a fair assumption that it will be compatible with future products.

What was not specifically mentioned in the press release is when the system will be available for purchase, but it sure sounds like it will be in the very near future, if not already. Unlike Tesla, Genesis does not have its own charging network, instead relying on Electrify America (EA), which continues to have some unresolved technical issues.

Every Genesis EV buyer receives three years of 30-minute free charging with EA. It's good to see Genesis taking this additional and essential step now instead of waiting for third parties to do so.

Genesis EV models can now be purchased in 22 states, expanding to all 50 by 2030.

2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 Front Angle View Genesis
2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 Central Console Genesis
2023 Genesis G80e Forward View CarBuzz
2023 Genesis G80e Dashboard CarBuzz

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2023 Genesis GV60 Front Angle View
2023 Genesis GV60 Central Console
2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 Front Angle View
2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 Central Console

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