Genesis Opens First Standalone All Gangnam Style Showroom

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Great. Now we have that song stuck in our heads.

Now that Genesis is a standalone brand, it should no longer have its cars sold in Hyundai dealerships. Of course the changeover takes some time, but the first Genesis showroom has now opened in South Korea. The automaker has just made the official announcement that Genesis is open for business in the prime district of Samsung-don, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul. The photos you're looking at showcase the 14,000-square-foot facility which houses the three Genesis models on sale at the moment, the G70, G80 / G80 Sport and the G90 flagship.

But unlike most other car dealerships, this one is unique in that the interior is surrounded by glass windows. There are only small portions of Genesis Gangnam visible from the outside. Genesis describes the effect as an effort "to maximize a private and personal setting that enhances the integration between the customer and the product. The showroom is further highlighted by what's called the "Launch Bay," what Genesis claims is the starting point of the test drive experience. This is actually a private bay entirely dedicated to the driver where they can "engage with the product through the AR/VR-based Genesis Virtual Guide."

There are five different test driving courses available around the South Korean capital: Urban Green, Urban Highway, Dynamic, K-Road and Short Course. "The Genesis brand is a promise – a promise of a new way of automotive luxury," said Senior Vice President Manfred Fitzgerald, Head of Genesis Brand. "Genesis Gangnam is the physical embodiment of that promise and how we serve our clientele. Customer experience is vital and we will now work on a global scale to bring many of the aspects of our brand's flagship store to customers around the world."

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