Genesis Planning An Even Bigger Electric Luxury SUV

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The Mercedes EQS SUV better watch its back.

Genesis has just released the first images of the all-new G90, but that doesn't mean the South Korean brand isn't already hard at work on its next big reveal. According to ETNews, Genesis is working on a large SUV called the GV90 to go up against large electric SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade IQ. It will likely be the halo Genesis model, given the current SUV trend and the recent introduction of the G90.

It fits in with the Genesis EV plan as well. The GV60 is the first Genesis EV, followed closely by the upcoming Electrified GV70, which uses the Hyundai Group's new global EV platform. The Electrified GV70 will be built in the USA, and the plant could easily be adapted to make a larger model.

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The G90's design should work on an SUV body, but we've also seen a shadowy teaser from back in September, showcasing the larger SUV with a couple of interesting design details.

An SUV that size with an electric motor will give Genesis a lot of room to play around with. The default seating layout will likely be three rows but with an ultra-luxurious four-seat option also available.

Drivetrain development is the most significant investment when designing a new EV, but Genesis already has that part sorted. As part of the Hyundai Group, it has access to the entire group's intellectual property.

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The Electrified GV70's electric powertrain seems to be good enough, however. It uses a twin motor setup to provide 483 horsepower. That's enough to get the GV70 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, so it should have no problem lugging an extra 1,000 lbs around. Genesis could even add a third motor, but that's hardly necessary.

One of the most significant selling points will be range and charging time. Genesis will aim for around 330 miles to make it competitive against the current range leader, the Tesla Model X. As we've seen with the Electrified GV70, legacy manufacturers are getting closer to matching Tesla's range and beating them when it comes to charging times.

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The Electrified GV70 can take a 350 kW charge, which means it can be charged from 10% to 80% in roughly 20 minutes. The latter figure will be a big selling point to the rich, who don't like to be inconvenienced with something as mundane as charging a car.

And let's not forget that both Kia and Hyundai recently introduced two significant electric SUV concepts. The Hyundai Seven is a preview of the Ioniq 7, which will likely also serve as the base for the new Electrified GV90. We also like how they used the concept vehicle to showcase what's possible on the inside when you don't have a tunnel running from the front to the rear axle.

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