Genesis Plotting Higher-Performance Electric Halo Vehicles

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The brand wants its cars to be able to compete with the cars coming out of other brands.

Genesis is planning on ramping up high-end performance EVs as it aims to take on its European and American rivals. Autocar recently spoke with Mark Choi about the project, and he confirmed that the brand isn't just going to carry over from Hyundai and Kia, understanding that it needs to differentiate itself if it really wants to compete. Rebadging and reoutfitting a Sonata isn't enough, even if the new one does look this good.

The X concepts the brand has released over the past few years will be the "genesis" of these cars, with the influences already seen on the faces of models like the G80 and GV70. Chances are high that they will be produced as halo models for the brand. And halo models they will be because the X Convertible and X Speedium are two of the best-looking concepts we've ever seen.


Choi said, "We've had great feedback [regarding the models], and we're looking into it. The next steps are to decide if it's first possible and then feasible." The issue comes down to the cars having flush panels and shapes that make production difficult. If the brand has made up its mind that the cars are going to be produced, it's simply a matter of time and money to figure out the engineering.

The result of all that work is going to be EVs that will rival just about any brand and give luxury car buyers what they want, but not too much. "We want to separate ourselves on the more high-performance side," Choi said, but also clarifies there won't be an N division equivalent for Genesis. "We are not keen on a high-performance sub-brand or anything like that, but we do talk about developing 'effortless' powertrains - enough power to be enjoyable in all circumstances, and which satisfies the luxury experience."


This most likely means we're not going to see record-setting numbers or lap times from the brand soon and that's okay. As every brand has been moving to electric technology and speed and power are much easier to attain, that's all we've seen. It makes sense since that's the kind of stuff that makes headlines and brings people into showrooms, but there's more to electric than that.

In almost every way, electricity is the perfect platform for luxury vehicles. Here is a form of propulsion that is effortless and silent, propulsion that doesn't produce soot or cause annoying vibrations, propulsion that embodies the "luxury" experience. Genesis appears to be approaching the technology from that mindset, thus turning its attention to the true luxury appointments that will help its vehicles stand out.


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