Genesis Quietly Announces Opulent Four-Seater GV80

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The GV80 Prestige Signature is limited to just 600 examples.

The Genesis GV80 is a very plush and luxurious SUV. While it may not have the brand cachet of more established European rivals, it counters with competitive pricing (it starts at $50,200) and high levels of standard equipment. But as the newcomer in the premium segment, Genesis needs to constantly entice customers with new and interesting models.

As such, the Korean carmaker has quietly introduced the four-seater GV80 Prestige Signature. Limited to just 600 examples, the limited-run model is promising heightened levels of luxury, courtesy of six-way adjustable captain's chairs in the second row. To distinguish it as a unique model, matte paint and 22-inch darkened five-spoke wheels are also fitted.

CarBuzz previously reported on the brand's intentions, first coming across rumors of a more luxurious GV80 late last year. At the time, we estimated the price won't be anything less than $70,000 and we were right. The Prestige Signature has an MSRP of $77,200, which isn't bad when you consider the price of rival SUVs.

Genesis Genesis Genesis Genesis

Genesis is yet to share more information, but it seems the turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine is the only option. Aside from the aforementioned trinkets, the limited edition also receives heated and ventilated second-row seating, along with a panoramic sunroof, power door closure, three-zone climate control, Nappa leather upholstery, and a microfiber suede headliner, among other things.

Melbourne Gray Matte, pictured above, is one of two color choices. If selected, the Prestige Signature is delivered with black upholstery and Olive Ash trim. The Matterhorn White Matte finish brings with it a Blue/Dune color scheme in the cabin. Genesis hasn't offered a glimpse into what the rear quarters will look like, but we'd love to see a setup similar to the G90 luxury sedan or the Korea-only GV80 six-seater, as seen below.

2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Front View CarBuzz Genesis Genesis Genesis
2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Front View

Once you've considered all the standard equipment and enhanced luxury, the sub-$80,000 price tag offers reasonable value for money within the segment. Optioning a BMW X5, for example, to a similar specification will quickly see the price climb. Looking at it as a cut-price Maybach GLS 600, the GV80 Prestige Signature could be a rare value for money choice in the luxury segment.

With just 600 available, the unique GV80 should have no problem finding keen and monied customers wanting something a bit different. If it's too rich for your blood, you'll be pleased to know the cheaper models remain unchanged and offer even greater value still. Sadly, the GV80 (along with several other models) has fallen victim to the chip shortage; Genesis recently announced it will no longer offer Highway Driving Assist (HDA) II as standard equipment on the SUV. The more basic HDA system remains, but the spec change omits automatic lane changing, unfortunately.

2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Dashboard Genesis 2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Rear Passenger Seats CarBuzz 2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Back Seats CarBuzz 2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Air Conditioning CarBuzz
2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Dashboard
2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Rear Passenger Seats
2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Back Seats
2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Air Conditioning

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