Genesis Uses 3,000 Drones To Create Stunning Light Show

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This was spectacular.

A brand launching in a new country is a big deal, and there's usually a large amount of fanfare surrounding such an event. But when you're a luxury marque looking to break into the largest car market on the planet, you need to step your game up even more.

Lately, the trend for big announcements has gravitated towards spectacular light shows. Kia created a stunning fireworks display to reveal its new logo while Porsche used the backdrop of the world's tallest building to promote the Taycan. Genesis decided to do something similar for its Chinese debut, and the result is the spectacular video below.


Using over 3,000 drones, the light show commenced on April 2 in Shanghai. This display was titled Genesis of Genesis, denoting the fresh start that the company is making in the Chinese market. The display is part of a bigger marketing strategy for China called Genesis of You, and represents the brand's commitment to wowing its customers with more than they expect. Markus Henne, Genesis Motor China's CEO, says that the company will "focus on brand building in the early stage" but will reveal more highlights of how it plans to appeal to the Chinese audience as time goes by.

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With such a grand entrance boasting the outline of the G80 and GV80, along with animated logos and even a massive hand in the sky, we're sure that Genesis has made a great first impression. As the company continues to grow and innovate in the country, we're sure that Chinese buyers will also have some market-specific offerings that the rest of the world won't get. The path to success here won't be clearly defined and there'll be plenty of work to do as many new Chinese automakers rise, but we're confident that Genesis will make its time in China very profitable.

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