Genesis Wants To Have Three SUVs Out By 2021

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Advice for starting a luxury brand: build the SUVs and they will come.

The Genesis brand, on the cusp of divorcing itself from Hyundai but not quite there yet, has a bit of an identity problem. As an automaker, it's still the new kid on the block and without an extroverted personality, it has yet to acquaint itself with the general luxury-loving public and carve out its own niche. That may soon change because because Genesis is smart. Unlike a brand like Pagani, it's impossible to succeed without a sizable lineup, and Genesis plans to change its current two car portfolio to reflect that.

Speaking to Automotive News, Genesis Global Brand Boss Manfred Fitzgerald said, "We still have a lack of awareness," To change that, he adds, more Genesis variety is needed. "There are still many other white spots on the map," said Fitzgerald. "To get substance into your brand, you have to demonstrate the breadth of the brand." With two SUVs and even a sports car in the pipeline, product planners at the South Korean car company seem to be headed in the right direction, but those aren't the only models we can expect to see from Genesis. As part of its six-nameplate rollout that will be complete by 2020, Genesis has a third SUV in the cards. When it hits dealerships by 2021, it will likely come as a compact crossover (Genesis called it a CUV).

That should serve as a volume model to help bolster the bottom end of the lineup where Genesis has high potential. Simple observance of the markets will reveal that automakers like Cadillac, which has exactly two SUVs in its lineup, are struggling and changing direction towards manufacturing more SUVs while cutting away at coupes and sedans out of the lineup. Another SUV that would slot under the upcoming large GV80 and mid-size GV70 would help stave off similar problems for the young and vulnerable automaker. Alongside these, expect there to be a G70 sport sedan, an updated G90, and an all-new G80 to keep the portfolio fresh and ready to migrate from the lower rungs of luxury car society to the mid grade section….if it's lucky.

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