Genesis Working On Flagship Coupe And Gran Coupe Model


Expect Genesis to become a direct competitor to Lexus and BMW within the coming years.

Porsche seems to have been onto something when it created the Panamera sedan. Not only is the four-door coupe segment blossoming to include some real head turners, but various automakers, Porsche especially, are proving that the luxurious executive sedan, stylish coupe body, and supercar-like performance can all coexist in one body shell. With Mercedes primed to answer Porsche with the AMG GT Concept and BMW claiming it will follow, this leaves every other luxury automaker to catch up.

As Genesis reports via CarAdvice, the Koreans are planning something as well. Speaking with Luc Donckerwolke, head designer at Genesis and previously the design director at Audi, Lamborghini, and Bentley, the Australian media outlet found out that Genesis has an arsenal ready for attack, which includes a large grand touring coupe (currently given the placeholder name of Genesis GT) to rival the S-Class Coupe and upcoming BMW 8 Series, two luxury SUVs, one of which was outlined with the recent unveiling of the GV80 Concept in New York, and two sedans, with all vehicles being based loosely around the Genesis GT. The reason Genesis has the luxury to design a flagship coupe from the ground up is its complete lack of history as a brand.

"When you are trying to do the next-generation of a product that has 100 years of history, your impulse is basically guided by the past," Donckerwolke said. "What we are doing here is creating the first step… To be honest, I'm not really looking at the others, I have the advantage of creating something new. I don't have to look at others, but there's certainly going to be a Gran Turismo two-door." Even with such a high-strung lineup, Genesis won't be delving down the performance avenue with AMG and M-fighters just yet. Genesis head Manfred Fitzgerald iterated this point by restating the brand's commitment to alternative propulsion systems that will soon replace the 5.0-liter V8 units seen in the current Genesis lineup.

"I stated once that alternative propulsion systems are at the very core of this brand and I truly believe that," Fitzgerald said. "If you look at that and you look down the road at what is going to happen with the electrification of vehicles, performance will not have that dominant role anymore because it's a level playing field. So the ICE (internal combustion engines) dominances of performance, that's going to go away." With electrification, all of the benefits of a V8 engine can be had without the downside of wasting fuel. No model has been officially confirmed, but expect to hear more about this so-called Genesis GT within the next four to five years. Note: Genesis New York Concept shown.

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