Geneva 2011: Alfa Romeo 4C Concept

Alfa Romeo has officially revealed their new 4C Concept at this year's Geneva Motor Show. After the phenomenal reception the 8C Concept and production coupe received when it launched back in 2003 and 2007, respectively, it's no surprise that the reception for the new car has been very positive. Smaller than the limited production 8C, the 4C has been design to embody the best design elements of its predecessor, but in a more compact package.

It is less than eight feet long and is constructed from carbon fiber and aluminum that helps keep weight at an extremely healthy 1,873 pounds. Powered by a 1750cc, mid-mounted direct-injected turbo four from the Giulietta QV, it has just over 200 hp and is mated to Alfa's TCT dual-clutch transmission. Power goes directly to the rear wheels and will supposedly go from 0 to 60 mph in somewhere around four seconds. When designing the 4C, Alfa took what they learned from the 8C Competizione and 8C Spider in terms of road handling and driving pleasure.

This is an Alfa Romeo, after all. Weight distribution is 40 percent up front and 60 percent at the rear. Most importantly is that Alfa plans to build the 4C as a production car. And unlike the 8C, Alfa would very much like to use it as a springboard for their long awaited return to the North American market. To sum up: an affordable, lightweight, rear-wheel drive, two-door Alfa Romeo coupe is on its way to production (and should be sold in the U.S.)? Love is possible at first sight.

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