Geneva 2011: Bentley Continental Supersport Ice Speed Record

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Since Bentley has the same corporate parents as Lamborghini, it's hardly surprising that they take any opportunity they can find to roll out a new special edition. Just a couple of weeks ago, Bentley set a new ice speed record of 205.48mph, beating the 2007 record set by, well, a Bentley Continental. While winning a contest in which you are the only contender might not seem like a huge accomplishment, Bentley has seen fit to celebrate anyway.

Thus the Continental Supersport Ice Speed Record Convertible, making its first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show this week. Under the hood is the most powerful engine Bentley has ever produced, weighing in with 631 horsepower. The engine also has flex-fuel capability, and Bentley says that running it on E85 biofuel is good not only for performance but also reduces CO2 emissions by a whopping 70 percent. So even though the occasion for this special edition might seem absurd, the car itself certainly isn't.

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