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Geneva 2011: BMW ActivE

It would seem as though BMW learned nothing from the Mini E. This is not to say the Mini E project was a failure, the car performed in pretty much the exact fashion which anybody with any knowledge of EVs would have expected. The reason we're wondering if the folks in Munich were paying attention is the BMW ActivE, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The ActivE is little different from the Mini E mechanically, it just wears a 1-Series body this time around.

The ActivE will be available for lease only, just like the Mini E, and only for residents of select cities. They are building slightly more of them this time around, 1000 rather than 600, so it seems they at least learned that demand was a bit higher than originally believed. Perhaps the next electric car to come from BMW will be different, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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