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Geneva 2011: Carlsson C25 Royale

This year's Geneva Motor Show saw the return of the familiar Calsson C25, only this year it is being presented as the Carlsson C25 Royale. This C25 Royale sports over 70 innovations and is lighter than the SL 65 AMG it's based on. This is all thank to its carbon exterior which is becoming increasingly common. The Royale offers an exclusive ride that can be used as both an ultra-fast race-like car or as a daily use vehicle.

The C25 Royale is powered by a V12 bi-turbo engine that can churn out a remarkable 753-horsepower, all of which allows this supercar to jet from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. Carlsson released a statement at the show announcing that the Carlsson C25 Royale will be manufacturer in only 25 examples worldwide, and what's more is that it will be limited to one vehicle per country.

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