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2011 Geneva Motor Show / Comments

The CarBuzz team has returned from Geneva. Jetlagged and sore, contributing editors Jacob Joseph and Jay Traugott have taken a few minutes to jot down some of their impressions from the show. Jacob Joseph Technical Editor: Press days at car shows are great. You can get all the photos you need, talk to everybody and take a bit more time with each car. But a car show doesn't get a feel all its own until doors open to the public.

I learned things from the public at this show that I hadn't expected to learn. The huge crowd around the Lamborghini Aventador came as no surprise, neither was the one you had to fight through to see the Ferrari FF, but fact that the crowd around the Pagani Huayra wasn't nearly as big took us by surprise. Perhaps its age has something to do with it, but none of the three Buggatti Veyron's on display (including one Super Sport) drew a crowd nearly the size of the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392. Not so surprising, at least not to anyone who knows gearheads, was the lack of enthusiasm for the EVs and hybrids on display.

Even though EVs are far more practical for Europeans, they still seem to fail to stir the European gearhead's soul. Switzerland is also a beautiful country and an excellent host; they make fine cheese, chocolate and absinthe. Jay Traugott Editor at Large: Geneva 2011 proved to me that we're entering a renaissance of automotive design and technology. And with the hundreds of cars on display, a few in particular I thought stood out the most.

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After an evening of a few beers and many laughs, we hit the expo hall the next morning and I immediately fell in love with the new Pagani Huayra. The car looks absolutely stunning in person and it's proof that selling a kidney could be justified. As Technical Editor Jacob Joseph also pointed out, the crowd at the Pagani stand didn't attract the same level of attention as Ferrari's or Lamborghini's. My prediction is that the Huayra will bring Pagani the greater fame it rightly deserves. Speaking of Italian, the new Lamborghini Aventador is a wonderful leap forward for the iconic automaker.

Taking many cues from the Reventon and Sesto Elemento concept, the Aventador is yet another Italian work of art and instant classic. The Ferrari FF was the star of the Ferrari display and was met with countless nods of approval. Yes, a Ferrari shooting brake works just fine. I also loved the Audi A3 Sedan concept, as it could be amongst the best of small luxury performance sedans. Unlike the Pagani, this is something I could manage to buy one day - if Audi builds it. I could even keep both kidneys.

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