Geneva 2011: Four New MBZ Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz came to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show with the aim of presenting four new models to the public. The four include the new C-Class Coupe, the new-generation C-Class, the SLK Roadster, and F-Cell World Drive. The C-Class Coupe sports an elegant design that distinguishes it from the other models in the range. The coupe is being promoted by the Germany automaker as sporty two-door and the first classic coupe in the C-Class lineup.

The C-Class, on the other hand, has been extensively updated with more than 2,000 new parts and an innovative engine range. The SLK is the automaker's most successful sports car in its class, and it's entering its third iteration as an athletic two-seater with classic roadster. The SLK contains stylish comfort, distinctive sports car design, and top performance. The Last offering is the F-Cell, which demonstrates that local zero-emission vehicles are the way of the future. Enjoy the pictures of Mercedes-Benz's offerings.

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