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Geneva 2011: Lotus Elise Club Racer

The Geneva Auto Show receives its fair share of racing-inspired vehicle, so it was no surprise when the new Else Club Racer edition was debuted by Lotus. Lotus has always been into making vehicles lighter, so they removed 24 kg from the racer by using a lightweight battery and by removing the noise insulation as well. This has left the Elise Club Race to weigh-in at just 1,878 lbs. Very light in weight!

Something new for the first time is the addition of a Sport setting to the Dynamic Performance Management traction control system. This provides more intervention for less experienced drivers, but won't get in the way of seasoned drivers. Lotus is also offering a new sport suspension with an adjustable anti-roll bar. The price for this special edition Lotus Elise Club Racer will start at $44,735.

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