Geneva 2011: Renault R-Space Concept

One of the debuted concept cars that are present at the opening of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show is from the French automaker Renault and its R-Space Concept. Renault is calling its concept a simple, sensuous and welcoming family vehicle that has Renault's new design philosophy at work. The result is an MPV that's not only powerful, but is also sporty and good looking.

The nose of the concept sports a new grille, while the body panels are shaped as sculptured volumes. Inside, the interior is designed around the driver's comfort where the driver enjoys a cockpit-like environment complete with a floating dashboard dedicated to driving functions. The R-Space concept is powered by the Energy TCe Concept three-cylinder engine that's a product of the Renault-Nissan partnership. The engine is able to deliver 110-horsepower while emitting low carbon levels.

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