Geneva 2011: SEAT IBX Concept

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SEAT does not currently offer a terribly impressive lineup; a handful of slightly more attractive versions of Volkswagen products, SEAT have become a sort of a Spanish Mercury. It seems they aren't happy with this image though, and at the Geneva Motor Show they unveiled the IBX crossover concept, which is meant to show the new direction the company will be moving in. The concept is certainly a departure from their current lineup, even if the looks are a bit bland.

SEAT says that the IBX has a hybrid drivetrain, although the only detail they have given about the drivetrain is that the IBX can travel 28 miles on the batteries. This suggests a setup similar to that of the Chevy Volt, probably using an existing small engine from VW's current lineup. The design of the two-door crossover isn't likely to warrant many second glances, and this is also a departure from the norm for SEAT. We're hoping this part of the IBX doesn't become a trend.

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