Geneva 2011: Tata Pixel

Tata is most famous for being the company that produces the Nano, the world's least expensive car. At Geneva, the Indian automaker unveiled a model which has the potential to make them famous for something else. Called the Pixel, it doesn't exactly raise the luxury bar too much from the Nano, but it is probably the best way to move four people around in a crowded city center. A space saving rear engine layout keeps the length just over 3 meters.

The Pixel also has the ability to move the outer rear wheel forwards while the inner rear wheel moves backwards, in order to achieve a tiny turning radius of 2.6 meters. Throw in a pair of scissor doors and you're unlikely to find anything that can do more with less space. The 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbodiesel can go 83 miles on one gallon of fuel too. It's not likely that many Americans will be lusting over the Pixel, but in countries where space is at a bigger premium, the Pixel makes good sense.

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