Geneva: Gumpert’s 'Apollo' Revival and New 'Explosion' Hope

Back from the dead with the model that killed them, and an explosive resurrection.

Returning from the depths of bankruptcy, German supercarmaker Gumpert is back with their old killer- the manic Apollo- as well as a newentry- the Audi TT-based Explosion. The former was an insane V-8 poweredsupercar with a 4.2-liter Audi engine, making anywhere between 650 and 800 horsepower.The new model- appropriately named Explosion- comes with a choice of a 420 horsepower2.0-liter four and a 510hp inline-five.

Looking much tamer than its predecessor, the Explosionpromises to be easier to keep on the road, while even the 420hp version is saidto deliver 0-62mph times of less than 3-seconds. The Explosion will go intoproduction before the end of this year, going on sale in Germany forapproximately $150,000. With these numbers, its looks and hopefully- some moreinput from their friends at Audi- the Explosion should prove to be a very interestingrevival for this near-dead brand.

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