Geneva's Craziest Supercar Is The 1,287-HP Techrules Ren From China


China's first supercar is absolutely insane on so many levels.

The Techrules Ren is easily one of the craziest cars at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. That’s a top honor considering the Swiss auto show opens its doors to major automakers, boutique supercar companies and tuners. High power figures and sexy exterior designs are a dime a dozen at Geneva, but the Ren is something else entirely. It has no doors and its hybrid turbine setup, Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle or TREV, can make up to 1,287 horsepower. The fighter jet cockpit design is modular and can seat one, two or three people.

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There are so many possible powertrain configurations it will make your head spin. For starters, there are three motor choices. The first features two electric motors, one driving each wheel. The second setup doubles the motor count to four, one for each wheel. The final configuration features an astounding six electric motors, two powering the front wheels and four powering the rear. In its two-motor spec the Ren delivers 429 horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque. With four motors power is upped to 858 hp and 1,150 lb-ft of torque. The top-tier Ren makes 1,287 hp and 1,725 lb-ft of torque. There are three battery sizes to pick from: 14 kWh, 25 kWh and 32 kWh. The battery can be charged from dead to 80% in 15 minutes using a DC fast charger.

In addition to multiple battery sizes there are a handful of turbine configurations to pick from. Customers can opt for a single or dual turbine, with power rated at 30 kW and 80 kW. The Ren can run on a variety of fuels, including gasoline and natural gas. However, the Chinese have found that the most efficient fuel is diesel. The flagship Ren with six motors and a 25 kWh battery pack has a range of 727 miles when the 80 liter (21.1 gallons) tank is filled with diesel. Techrules says the TREV system has the ability to max out at 1,242 miles of range “depending on the vehicle it is used in.” The electric-only range peaks at 124 miles. The Ren’s performance figures are as bonkers as its max range. Its top speed is 199 mph and 0-62 mph happens in 2.5 seconds.

Needless to say if you’re pushing the diesel-electric supercar to its limits the quoted max range will drop. Worth it. As crazy as the Ren’s range and performance claims are, its design is even nuttier. The handcrafted carbon fiber tub is “expected” to have a curb weight of 1,700 kgs (3,747 pounds). Weight will be lightest in the single-seat model, although customers can order a two-seat Ren or one with three seats in a layout reminiscent of the McLaren F1. The interior is a mix of Italian leather, Alcantara and…denim. There is a self-leveling screen in the steering wheel along with three monitoring screens showing images from the side and rear-view cameras (there are no mirrors).

Passengers get touchscreens as well, because why not, and microphones to communicate with the driver. External speakers allow the driver and passengers to communicate/berate the outside world. The production run of the Ren will span 96 units, each one hand-built in Italy. Pricing was not announced but expect it to easily clear $1 million. Production is “likely” to kick off in 2018. Techrules expects to build 10 cars per year. One thing to note is that the Ren will be track-only, meaning that it could be impossible for buyers to test its range claims. Check out our live shots of the Ren from the Geneva show floor and let us know whether or not you think Techrules’ first supercar is vaporware or the real deal.