Genius Fights Bed Bugs With Fire, Kills Rental Car And Almost Himself


Because the best way to kill bugs is by starting a car fire.

Scott Kemery did his best to win a Darwin Award. The 44-year-old man decided to kill the bed bugs that had infested his Kia Soul rental car by dousing the interior in alcohol. That seems like it might violate the rental agreement, but it won't kill you. What will kill you is lighting a victory cigarette inside a car filled with alcohol. The inside of the Soul quickly went up in flames, as did Kemery. The fire quickly spread to two neighboring cars which were quickly burnt to a crisp.

The incident happened in a shopping market parking lot in Eastport, Long Island. Police don't suspect a crime was committed, unless you're talking about a crime against basic intelligence. As for Kemery, he is in the hospital recovering from first- and second-degree burns.

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