Genius Invents Remote Control License Plate Shade To Skip Tolls

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In theory, it works well for speed cameras too.

Joshua Concepcion-West is the man we all secretly wish we could be but know we shouldn't emulate because if everyone did, society would crumble. That's because the 27 year-old from Orlando, Florida, was just caught with a gadget that all gearheads on a speed bender wish they had: a remote controlled device over his license plate that, at the flick of a switch, lowers a shade over the plate to avoid toll booth cameras. In theory, the device seems like it could work well on speed cameras too.

Concepcion-West was caught near Conway Road in Orlando after a police officer happened to notice his Honda Civic going by a toll and saw the cover dropping over his license plate. Money saved by engaging in the illegal practice? Just $1.25, which could add up to something substantial over time but is not worth the felony charge he now has on his record.

Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Kim Montes told ABC Action News Tampa, "After he cleared the tool booth, the tag cover came back up and the tag was exposed again." Concepcion-West was booked on charges of petit theft and cheating or gross fraud and will likely be fined heavily. Fines could increase if the judge finds evidence that he's used the device extensively. "Because the tag was obscured, we don't know yet how many times this vehicle has run the toll, so we don't know how much money he's stolen from the state," said Montes. While no one should get any ideas out of this, let's at least be honest when we say that, like a wannabe James Bond, we have a bit more respect for Concepcion-West than we did before.

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