Drag Race

Georgia Hosts Epic 1/2 Mile Shootout

Heaven’s Landing Airport acts as a playground for double-distance drag racing.

Going the distance over the traditional 1/4-mile drag race, the Georgia 1/2 Mile Shootout took place at the end of September and featured a record 125 cars at the event. Trucks, sports cars, exotics and more all lined up at the prestigious Heaven's Landing Airport for several runs on the private runway in an effort to win their class and claim the title of "fastest car". Located in Clayton, Georgia, the runway has been called a "private interstate in the mountains", which strikes us as an awesome place to take a drive.

Each participant was able to select its competitor and the resulting races were packed with action and excitement. Over 1,100 spectators came out to the event to see all the models in action. Check out the clip below to see some terrific footage from the event and take a look at host WannaGoFast's gallery showing the registrants from the event.

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