Georgians Need Big Checkbooks to Own Their Cars

The state famous for peaches is gaining notoriety of a different kind.

Georgia may have been on Ray Charles mind back in the day, but most Georgians today are more likely to have their wallets on their mind. According to a recently published study at Bankrate, Georgia is the most expensive state in the US to own a car in. NBC News reports it's down to a combination of the distance owners have to drive, poor public transport options, as well as the high costs for repairs, gas, insurance, and the highest cost in the country for taxes and fees.

So high, in fact, it's almost ten times the amount a car owner would pay in taxes and fees in the most affordable state, Oregon. Don’t just think this only affects Joe the plumber, the high taxes and fees also affect the celebs that live or spend a great deal of time and buy their supercars in Georgia. We put some photos together of said celebs who have likely paid a small fortune to Uncle Sam for the privilege of ownership. We hope for their sake, they didn't buy their supercars in the Peach State, where apparently only peaches are still cheap.

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