German Automaker Wiesmann Is About To Make A BIG Comeback

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It's finally happening!

In 2013, carmaker Wiesmann filed for bankruptcy after being declared insolvent by a German court. The company was known for manufacturing beautiful hand-built, BMW-powered vehicles and had been in the custom car business since 1988 before going bankrupt. Prior to its financial troubles, Wiesmann had developed a dedicated cult following and received rave reviews on the hit show Top Gear for its precision-built vehicles.

Not surprisingly, fans of the boutique car manufacturer were dismayed when it declared bankruptcy. However, those sentiments were relatively short-lived. Only a year later, talk of a Wiesmann comeback began making the rounds in the auto community. Thankfully, it would now seem as if that talk is now being substantiated in light of new reports confirming that the Germany company has been acquired by British investors Roheen Berry and Anita Tatalovic. The British buyers reportedly now own exclusive manufacturing rights and trademarks of the brand. Based upon this news it is highly likely that we can expect to see a revival of Wiesmann vehicle production in the near future.

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