German Camaro Enthusiasts Drink Bier and Talk Camaros

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Turns out some Germans secretly love American muscle.

If Americans can be die-hard Porsche 911 fans then why can't Germans have the same affinity for muscle cars? It's a fair question. Perhaps there are some good bier-sipping Germans who'll never admit their desire for that so-called unrefined, big and heavy American sports car that corners oh so terribly. Because driving fast in a straight line isn't at all fun. Apparently, there's quite a large group of Germans who love the Chevrolet Camaro. Good for them. Be brave. Defy the 911 urge for once.

GM Authority just managed to uncover this video first posted on Camaro News. Yes, it's entirely German. Don't be afraid. These are nice Germans, ones who love the Camaro. And bier. Like all other things German, this Camaro meet appears to be extremely well organized.

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