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German Dealership Asks $7.6M for Last Veneno Roadster

Makes the original $4.4 million sticker look like a bargain.

Goodthings may come to those who wait, but in the case of limited editionLamborghinis, it seems that early birds are the ones who catch very lucrativeworms. With only nine to be built, every buyer of the Lamborghini VenenoRoadster was asked to dig deep into his pockets and come up with a staggering$4.4 million for this rare ownership opportunity. But now, a German dealershipsays it has the ninth and final unit in its hands, and won't let it go for lessthan 5.4 million Euros (or $7.6 million).

Like its eight brothers, this Veneno will benefit from a rooflesscarbon-fiber body that will be whisked from 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds thanks toits 740 horsepower, 6.5-liter V12 engine. Whatever the cost, we expect this tobe an attractive investment for at least one lucky buyer.

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