German Firefighters Rip Apart New Panamera In The Name Of Training

American firefighters: "How do we get in on this?"

Firefighters in Germany recently gathered for some training in Nuremberg, part of which included ripping open a new Porsche Panamera. The German automaker provided the emergency personnel with a pre-production model of its new sedan so that they could train more effectively. According to Alexander Grenz of the German Technical Service, automakers create “rescue sheets” detailing key components of models. These components include batteries and the location of fuel tanks.

The sheets also contain technical information which takes the guess work out of the equation. That’s important when time is of the essence. Reading a Panamera’s rescue sheet is nice. Putting planning into practice by cutting one open is even nicer. As you can see the firefighters made short work of the passenger doors, spreading and cutting them open with massive tools one never hopes to see in actual use. Stories like this make us wonder what cars American manufacturers provide emergency workers for training. The new Ford GT looks pretty hard to get out of. Imagine trying to free someone from one that had just been wrecked. We're not saying Ford should offer firefighters a GT to practice on. We're not not saying that, though.

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