German Photographer Wants You To Know Just How Good The Porsche 918 Looks In The Snow

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The man has a point.

The story of the photos that you see here, and of the book which they will be appearing in, is that the photographer Stefan Bogner was with Porsche Marketing's Andreas Henke in a 918 for a drive from Nardo to Weissach and the pair just couldn't help but notice how achingly beautiful it all was. So Bogner started taking photos, and soon the pair was thinking about adding other locations to the shoot, and the project grew from there.

The project is now a three-pack of books (available from Porsche, of course), one full of data on the 918, one that tells the story of the 918's development and then finally, the reason you're buying the thing in the first place, a book of Bogner's photos. The book contains pictures from the Nurburgring, the Weissach test facility, Nardo and most dramatically, the Fluela Pass in the Swiss Alps. It was evidently -19 C (-2.2 F, still quite cold) when they took the pictures with the top off. One more reason to be impressed with the whole thing.


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