German Tuner Shatters Tarmac By Drag Racing 10 Modified Cars

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This is worth voiding the factory warranty for.

Turning to an aftermarket tuning company is a bit of a shot in the dark for owners of great cars they want made better, essentially an act not for the faint of heart. The risk involved is that the turner ruins a perfectly good car that an experienced automaker spent years and billions to make, but the upside can be a hefty improvement that gives an owner the absolute perfect vehicle. To help prospective tuning customers eliminate some of the guesswork, tuner Levella has pulled off this epic drag race.

Using ten of its own modified cars, Levella lines each of them up on the drag strip and nails the throttle just to see what happens. It gives a fairly good idea of what more subtle tunes can do to a car. Each vehicle here is equipped with an ECU tune, a custom performance exhaust, and Levella wheels.

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Included in the mix is (big gulp of air) a Volkswagen Golf R with 430 horsepower, a Porsche 911 Turbo S pushing 600 horsepower, a Porsche Panamera TDI with 422 horsepower, a Lamborghini Huracan with 610 ponies, the famous Nissan GT-R endowed with 780 horsepower, a Mercedes-AMG C63 S with 600 horses, a complimenting BMW M3 with "only" 520 horsepower, an Audi RS6 with 700 ponies, an Aston Martin Vantage with 430 horsepower, and a Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition stammering out 730 ponies. Even though there are 9 losers in this race, all of them technically come out winners because no matter which car you pick, it seems that Levella will tune it right.

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