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Germany to Charge Foreigners an Autobahn Toll


It was bound to happen sooner or later.

The German Autobahn is a special roadway. It’s just as much a tourist attraction as it is one of the world’s finest highways. And as you all know, there are sections with no speed limit. Everyone drives at a speed according to his/her abilities. That’s what makes the Autobahn the ideal gearhead motorway. However, the German government is fully aware of the Autobahn’s attraction and it will soon begin charging foreigners for its use, as well as all other major roads.

As a result, this will raise some 2.5 billion Euros in revenue over four years. Germany already charges heavy trucks a toll for use of its roads, but regular foreign motorists will soon have to pay. Compared to neighboring EU countries, Germany previously didn’t charge a light vehicle toll. The new charge will begin in 2016 and foreigners will be able to buy a 10-day pass for around 10 Euros. A two-month pass will cost around 20 Euros while a yearly pass will go for 100 Euros. German residents, who are supposedly very happy with this new plan, will need to display a special toll sticker on their cars. Germans have long complained about having to pay to use foreign roads while visitors could use their roads for free.

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