Germany: Two-Year Old Steals His Dad’s Mercedes

Toddler takes the keys, a stool and goes for a short-lived joyride.

We have officially found the coolest boy in the world: atwo-year old toddler from Germany named Mirancan, who decided he really wanted togo for a ride. Not on his tricycle, but in his father’s Mercedes-Benzwagon. While his dad was asleep, Mirancan stole the car keys, picked up a stoolfrom the house and headed downstairs in the elevator. Overcoming the centrallocks without a problem, he got into the car, put the key in the ignition andstarted the engine.

This is where the boy’s journey started to get a littlecomplicated. The car had been left in first gear with the parking brake off. Whenthe engine started, the Mercedes jolted forward, leaving the parking lot and hittinga pole outside. Witnesses who ran to scene had to bend over the window and intothe car to spot the little driver. Mirancan walked away from the scene without ascratch, and was happily posing in the driver’s seat when local media camearound.

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