Germany: Two-Year Old Steals His Dad’s Mercedes

Toddler takes the keys, a stool and goes for a short-lived joyride.

We have officially found the coolest boy in the world: a two-year old toddler from Germany named Mirancan, who decided he really wanted to go for a ride. Not on his tricycle, but in his father’s Mercedes-Benz wagon. While his dad was asleep, Mirancan stole the car keys, picked up a stool from the house and headed downstairs in the elevator. Overcoming the central locks without a problem, he got into the car, put the key in the ignition and started the engine.

This is where the boy’s journey started to get a little complicated. The car had been left in first gear with the parking brake off. When the engine started, the Mercedes jolted forward, leaving the parking lot and hitting a pole outside. Witnesses who ran to scene had to bend over the window and into the car to spot the little driver. Mirancan walked away from the scene without a scratch, and was happily posing in the driver’s seat when local media came around.

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