Germany's Big Decision Will Make Porsche And Tesla Very Happy

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It may even prompt the US to do the same.

Although current customer demand for them is very low, automakers and national governments see electric vehicles as the future of private transportation and are quickly adapting to that eventual reality. Take Germany, for example. The home of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen has just announced all gasoline stations across the country soon must offer electric vehicle charging as well.

This new directive, according to Reuters, is part of a $146 billion economic recovery plan that will also hopefully increase consumer demand for electric vehicles. Many German car owners, like those in all countries, suffer from range anxiety despite the significant battery improvements over the past few years. Having EV charging stations at every gas station will hopefully eliminate that concern for good.

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Germany will also soon begin taxing gas-guzzling SUVs and, at the same time, offer a 6,000 euro subsidy towards the purchase of an EV, such as the BMW i3, Porsche Taycan, and the upcoming Volkswagen ID.3. It's also important to remember Tesla is currently building a new Gigafactory outside of Berlin.

At the moment, Germany has around 27,730 charging stations scattered across the country, but it will require at least 70,000 stations plus another 7,000 fast-charging stations in order to achieve the minimum for mass-market EVs. Given the country's long driving culture history including the Nurburgring and Autobahn, it's amazing to see just how fast it's preparing for upcoming EV push.

2018-2020 BMW i3 Hatchback Front View Driving BMW
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Combined with a growing list of EVs that are luxurious, fun to drive, and feature cool designs inside and out as well as a host of new technologies, Germans will likely soon be more willing than ever to make the switch from internal combustion and diesel. And once they do, the likelihood of them returning to and ICE vehicle is highly unlikely. German authorities fully understand the needs of EV drivers must be met without any inconveniences.

If this goes well in Germany then who knows? America may also soon require charging stations at every gas station.

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Source Credits: Reuters

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2017-2020 Tesla Model S P100D Front Angle View
2016-2020 Tesla Model X P100D Front View Driving
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