Get Behind the Wheel of the New BMW 4 Series

3 easily becomes 4 according to BMW.

Cut off the rear doors, widen the stance and give it a sleeker profile. That’s pretty much what BMW did in order to turn the 3 Series into the 4 Series. Formerly known as the 3 Series coupe, the new 2014 4 Series is the first attempt BMW has made at truly trying to distinguish between the sedan and coupe. In the past, BMW simply cut off the rear doors of the 3 sedan and called it a day. Funny thing is, nobody really seemed to mind. But times change and so does marketing strategy, hence the new name.

So how different (or similar) does the new coupe drive when compared to the sedan? Can we get used to the name change? Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago heads to Portugal for an official test drive of the 435i.

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BMW 4 Series Coupe
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