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Get Excited For Amazon Special, Le Mans: Racing Is Everything

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For those who want to learn about the “men who are willing to kill themselves driving in circles looking for normality.”

Amazon seems to have found its niche in the automotive community as the supplier of good car television. It's already managed to snag the old Top Gear trio and begin its own traveling circus of car nuts, but this trailer for its newest series seems to push the network's level of commitment to the enthusiast a bit higher with a show titled Le Mans: Racing Is Everything. This is less about the lights of fireworks and more about the unique world racing drivers, their cars, and the teams behind them inhabit.

It's not a world like yours or ours. Bills, birthdays, and social engagements take a backseat to focus, racing team politics, and most importantly, a strong pull to define one's life by being the fastest around a strip of tarmac. For such an arbitrary act in retrospect, there's a hell of a lot of determination behind it.

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Just listen to accounts from famous racing drivers like Nico Prost or Mark Webber, both of which will be featured on the show, for proof of this. And what kind of behind the scenes show would it be without stories from the best engineers and members of famous racing teams like Audi, Toyota, Nissan, and Porsche? Not much. As you can probably gather, especially if you've already hit the play button, this series will differ from The Grand Tour in the same way the "Fast and Furious" series contrasts with the movie "Rush." For fans of this type of automotive TV, be sure to snag (or "borrow") that Amazon Prime membership by June 9.