Get Excited For Detroit 2016: Rumored Reveals


We have no idea if these will be at Detroit or not, but it’s fun to speculate

Nowadays, it seems we know beforehand almost everythingthat’s going to be showcased at an auto show days, weeks, or even months before the expo doors open. Sure, it makes plenty of sense from a marketing and PRperspective (officially announcing a car before its “world debut” gives you twice themedia coverage, after all), but it does mean that surprise unveilings areslowly becoming less and less frequent.

The word through the grapevine, though, is that quite a fewcar companies will be making big reveals at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Forinstance, Lexus is highly tipped to be unveiling the all-new SC there – whichwill hopefully look a lot like the stunning LF-LC concept that, coincidentally,made its first public outing at the Detroit Show four years ago. Lincoln’s believed to be showcasing the all-new Continentalsedan at this year’s Detroit show, too. And, as with the Lexus, we’re alsoholding out for the new Lincoln flagship to closely resemble the smartly-styledconcept car that preceded it.

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We’re also highly anticipating the reveal of theproduction-ready Ford GT supercar. Ford has a long history withrevealing Ford GTs at the Detroit Auto Show, going all the way back to thebonkers GT90 Concept from 1995, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the finishedroad car being the star attraction on this year’s Ford stand. Other cars are rumored for a Detroit reveal next week aswell, though these ones could go either way. For instance, it’s speculated thatsportier variants of the new Chevrolet Camaro – namely ones with either ‘ZL1’or ‘Z/28’ badges.

We doubt that will actually be the case, though, given wehad to wait two years after the fifth-gen Camaro’s launch for theheadline-grabbing ZL1 to debut. But Chevy does currently have pretty bigcompetition in the form of the Shelby GT350 Mustang range, so it would be inits best interest to combat the cobra-branded thorn in its side sooner ratherthan later. A more likely reveal will be the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk,which has been in the rumor mill for quite some timenow. It's highly anticipated, and for a good reason: it's potentially the world's fastest production SUV.

If the rumors are correct, this flagship variant of Jeep’ssoccer mom favorite will have the 700-hp supercharged V8 from the DodgeChallenger Hellcat nestled under the hood that's presumably peppered with plenty of air intakes and vents to keep that forced-induction powerhouse as cool as possible. We also really hope that the ‘track’ part of this hi-poCherokee’s name is a clue that straight-line speed won’t be this Jeep’s onlyselling point. Yes, getting an SUV of this size to handle well is going to betricky, but the standard Grand Cherokee SRT drives nicely enough, so Jeep has asolid base to work on.

Lastly, the final undisclosed car we expect to see unveiledat Detroit next week is the 2018 model year Ford Expedition. It's not exactly going to be the star attraction at this year's Detroit show, but we put it here especially for those who get a kick out of Ford’s largestcurrent production car.