Get Excited for Geneva 2016: Sports Cars


It's line-ups like this that get us pumped for the plane journey to Geneva!

Porsche has always used the Geneva Motor Show to showcase its latest and greatest models. Last year, for instance, the Paelxpo was the venue for the global reveals of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Cayman GT4. And for the six Geneva auto expos prior, a Porsche of some description has made its world debut here. For 2016, Porsche will use the Geneva Motor Show as the launch pad for its '718' iterations of Boxster and Cayman models.

We've already detailed these facelifted Boxster and Cayman models, but the big feature of the new 718 versions is that they're powered by new flat-four engines (just like the original Type 718 open-cockpit racers from the 1950s and 1960s), and are turbocharged - making them the first entry-level, forced-induction Porsche sports cars since the 968 Turbo S. Given Porsche's experience with turbos, we can't imagine it mucking up the throttle response, and the engine sounds pretty fruity as well, so - assuming Porsche hasn't messed up the balance of the new Boxster's and Cayman's chassis - the 718 family should pick up nicely where its naturally aspirated predecessors will soon leave off.

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At perhaps the other end of the Boxster/Cayman spectrum is the Lotus Elise 250 Cup; a lightweight, track-focused roadster for the sort of driver who sees the aforementioned Boxster/Cayman clan as overweight and over-complicated. Even though it's ironically the heaviest Elise variant that Lotus makes (at 931 kg, it weighs 65 kg more than the bog standard Elise Sport), the extra kilo penalty is more than offset by the impressive spec sheet. Motorsports-sourced suspension and braking components, a 240-hp 1.8-liter engine and spoilers that generate a fair lick of downforce should all make this Elise the raciest Lotus on sale today this side of the barmy, 460 hp/ton 3-Eleven.

The Lotus Elise 250 Cup isn't the most bizarre British sports car coming to the Geneva Motor Show, Morgan is also revealing its first production-ready electric car, the Three Wheeler-based EV3. It's quite an interesting choice of vehicle to turn into an EV (the Three Wheeler is, after all, the successor to the pre-war cyclecars that put Morgan on the map in the first place), but a combination of novelty value and reduced range anxiety fears due to its estimated curb weight of 500 kg means it's probably the most suitable Morgan to showcase this new technology. As long as the price isn't considerably more than the petrol-powered Three Wheeler's $41,000 MSRP, Morgan could have a pretty big hit on its hands with the EV3.

Keeping with the electric car theme, the almost eternally stricken sports car maker Spyker is also expected to reveal its first ever EV car. Given Spyker's post-bankruptcy restructuring was at least partly facilitated by a partnership with the electric plane maker Volta Volare, it's more than likely the new Spyker C8 Preliator will pack some battery-sourced punch. More concrete details won't be known until the Geneva Motor Show's opening day on March 1. Fingers crossed Spyker pulls out all of the stops with the reveal, then. Not only do we have a pretty big soft spot for the Dutch sports car firm, but Spyker will be missing a huge trick with the Preliator if it isn't unveiled to the OTT fanfare of the Globus song of the same name.