Get Excited for Geneva 2016: Supercars

2016 Geneva Motor Show

We stand corrected: it's line-ups like this that REALLY get us excited for the Geneva Motor Show!

Over the years, the Geneva Motor Show has been the place to reveal the world's fastest and most extreme road cars. Iconic vehicles like the Jaguar XK120, Lotus Carlton, Ferrari F50, Aston Martin One-77 and nigh-on every generation of Porsche 911 GT3 have all made their inaugural showings to the press and public within walking distance of the shores of Lake Geneva. Appropriately, then, Geneva 2016 is dominated by previews of high-end supercar reveals, with perhaps the most eagerly anticipated speed machine being the Bugatti Chiron.

Regardless of whether you adore or despise the direction Bugatti has taken since its acquisition by Volkswagen, it's ludicrous to say the reveal of the Bugatti Chiron isn't big news. For starters, it's the successor to the Veyron - a car that not only captivated a generation of gear heads, but was also an advanced and finely-honed piece of tech - even the Veyron's windshield wipers were designed to generate downforce! We highly expect such aerodynamic solutions to be present on the Chiron, especially if the rumors of a 1,500 hp W16 engine, a 280 mph+ top speed and a 0-60 mph time under two seconds are correct. Rest assured, we'll be making a beeline for the Bugatti stand as soon as the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors on March 1st!

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Once we've finished ogling at the Bugatti Chiron, we'll be heading to the Pagani stand next door, where the new Huayra BC will be showcased in all its carbon-fiber glory. Named in honor of a highly respected Pagani client, the Huayra BC couldn't be more different to the aforementioned Bugatti if it tried: whereas the Chiron's key USP will be its brute power, the Pagani has adopted a more paired-back and lightweight philosophy. Of course, we're expecting the Huayra BC to be more powerful than the 'standard' 740 hp car, but the new curb weight of 1,218kg (135kg less than the original Huayra) should make the BC a far more agile and involving hypercar to drive. We're sure it's worth every cent of its $2.5 million asking price!

If that sum is a bit too steep for you, then don't fret - for just $1.4million, Arash will sell you its AF10 hybrid supercar. Yes, it's a lot of money for a car you've probably never heard of before, but it does boast some eye-watering statistics. Combined power, for instance, is rated at over 2,000 hp - split between a 900 hp V8 and four 295 hp electric motors - and top speed is claimed to be somewhere in the higher 200 miles-per-hour ballpark. If that wasn't extreme enough for you, Arash can also sell you a track-ready 'Racer' version that combines the cheesily-named 'Warp Drive' powertrain with even less weight and even more aggressive aerodynamics. The track test between this and the likes of the McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari FXX K will certainly be an interesting one.

A track-ready theme will likely carry on with the ApolloN, the new model from the Apollo car company that picks up where Gumpert left off. It still means the trend of having an awkward name is retained (instead of 'Gumpert Apollo', it's now 'Apollo ApolloN'), but the claims of it being one of the fastest supercars in the world should help balance that out - especially if it's based on the hardcore original Gumpert Apollo, as the teaser photos suggests. What's more, Apollo will also be bringing its 'Codename: Arrow' supercar to this year's Geneva Motor Show, which looks set to be even more extreme than the ApolloN. You just need to look at the sketches of the Arrow below to see that Apollo has some truly ambitious plans for its post-Gumpert future!

Bringing this series of 'Get Excited for Geneva 2016' articles to a close is, ironically, a car we actually saw for the first time at last year's Geneva Motor Show: the Koenigsegg Regera. According to Koenigsegg, that silvery-blue hypercar was a pre-production prototype, meaning this year's Geneva Motor Show will be the first time we actually get to see the Regera in the spec it will be sold in. Given the pre-production version looked pretty solid when we were poking around it last year, we don't expect many aspects of the finalized car to be vastly different - meaning the Regera will still look incredible, have an innovative 1,500bhp hybrid powertrain nustled under its carbon-fiber curves and be badass in every single way.