Get Pumped For Detroit 2017: The Big Show Reveals


It's time to start looking forward to NAIAS 2017.

With 2017 just around the corner, It's that time of year when we take a look at some of the big reveals expected at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. The show opens to the press on Monday, January 9 and to the public on Saturday, January 14, running for nine straight days. Detroit is perhaps the biggest and most prominent car show in North America, but that doesn't mean every carmaker will be there. Porsche has already announced that it won't attend but nonetheless there are plenty of cool reveals to look forward to.

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It wouldn't be the Detroit Auto Show if one of the big three American automakers didn't show off something awesome. Ford shocked the world when it revealed the 2017 GT in 2015, and this year we think it will be GM's turn given the recent spy shots of what we assume to be a C7 Corvette ZR-1. The prototype features an aggressive aerodynamics kit and a huge rear wing, so it will probably be a track monster. No one knows exactly what Corvette this will be or what will power it. It could be an updated version of the Z06's LT4 with over 700 horsepower, or a new twin-turbo LT5 V8. Either way, we can't wait to find out.

It may not be a 700-hp sports car, but Kia has certainly built some excitement for its upcoming sport sedan. The car is believed to be called the Kia GT, and will be the fastest accelerating model that the company has ever built. Kia claims a 0-60 time of 5.1 seconds, which is slightly quicker than a BMW 328i. The GT will likely be RWD, and we have seen it being teased numerous times, including a nice video of the the car lapping the Nurburgring. This new car will easily be the most interesting car that Kia has ever built, and should make for an exciting reveal.

Another Asian automotive giant that will flex its muscles in in the motor city is Lexus with the unveiling its long awaited update to the LS. The current LS is showing its age, and Lexus needs to show it's still capable of building a flagship that can match the German standard for luxury. The Japanese luxury automaker has teased the car with a cutaway that shows part of the front end and some of the chassis components. The teaser doesn't show much, although the same crazy spindle grill isn't going anywhere soon. Love it or hate it, Lexus is going bold with the styling. The LS will be based on the same GA-L platform as the new LC coupe, and we're sure it'll have an extremely plush ride.

There hasn't been any confirmation as of yet, but we would expect to get some news about the next generation Jeep Wrangler at Detroit. The rumors have been varied as to what can be expected from this long awaited model. A four-cylinder turbo engine is likely, although there have also been rumors of a diesel. FCA has also teased a pickup truck variant, which would be a brilliant idea. We do know that the new Wrangler will retain its offroading ability, but no one knows exactly what the new car will look like. Some members of the Jeep Wrangler Forum decided to mock up what they thought the Wrangler should look like, and the results are pretty cool.

OK, so the Camry has a reputation for being somewhat boring but Toyota seems to have acknowledged that with the teaser shot of a distinctly sportier model. A Camry test vehicle was recently spotted with quad-exhausts and some really cool black wheels. It's expected that the 2.5-liter four-cylinder with a six-speed automatic will remain unchanged, and the 3.5-liter V6 will return with a new eight-speed automatic transmission. There's also a rumored 2.0-liter turbo which could also receive the eight-speed auto. It's possible that Toyota was trolling the world with those wheels and exhaust pipes, but all signs point to the reveal of the sportiest Camry Toyota has ever built.

In addition to the redesigns mentioned earlier, expect to see facelifts of the Ford Mustang and F-150, as well as the North American debut of the Mercedes E-Class Coupe. The odd Rinspeed Oasis will also be at the show, following its reveal at CES a week earlier. Pixar will also be giving a sneak peek of its new movie, Cars 3. There will be a press conference held on January 8 to discuss the film, and Pixar will have a life-sized version of one of the characters at the show. It may not be an actual automaker reveal, but Cars 3 does look like an exciting movie from what we have seen so far.