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Get Ready For A Hyper-SUV Based On The Bugatti Chiron

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Because the world apparently needs more hyper-SUVs.

For as long as anyone can remember Molsheim has been a one car stable, but in an age where even hypercar makers like Bugatti are part of big corporate conglomerates and beholden to mundane obligations like shareholders and fuel economy, that opinion may be changing.

Despite teasing us over the years with more family-friendly concept cars like the EB112 and Galibier sedans, Bugatti has never actually pulled the trigger on a second model. However, now that the man responsible for the Lamborghini Urus, Stephan Winkelmann, is in charge it looks like the brand could be ready to do more.

"For me the brand is ready to do more than one model," he told CarAdvice, "but we will have to see if we can find [the investment], this is something we are still waiting for because the [Volkswagen] Group has significant investments in projects like autonomous driving and electric cars."

"It's clear that if we do something different from a super sports car, something different from the Chiron, then it would not be enough just to be in love with one type of car," Winkelmann continued.

While we cited Bugatti as one of the few brands that refuse to build an SUV, with a new man at the helm the carmaker could be set to change course.

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"We would look very different at every body style and also regional demand, see what is going up and what is going down, and also in terms of pricing. We would not put our money into something which is fading." Which is basically a very long-winded way of saying a super sedan probably isn't the smartest idea given today's sales climate. It's not hard to read between the lines, especially given his push to create the Urus at Lamborghini. On the other hand, I could get behind the idea of a lifted Divo done up 911 Safari style...

Even so, Bugatti produces on average just 70 cars a year, so whatever it ends up doing will most certainly still be released in extremely limited quantities.