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Get Ready Because A New Ferrari Is Supposedly Coming This Week

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And it could be the turbocharged 458. Scandalous.

We're about a month away from this year's Geneva Auto Show and already automakers are beginning to release teasers for their latest reveals. Today we've received these very brief indicators from Ferrari claiming it'll have something new to show the world this Tuesday, February 3. Three teaser images, entitled "Design" "Passion" and "Performance," respectively, reveal very little. But we can make an educated guess as to what Ferrari has planned: the potentially scandalous 458M.

Yes, the heavily facelifted 458 Italia that'll now reportedly come powered by a more powerful an even more potent version of the California T's 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8. A turbocharged, mid-engined Ferrari supercar? Like we said, scandalous. No other details have been made available so far but we'll have complete coverage of Tuesday's reveal. Get ready for the Ferrari turbocharging era to take the next step.

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