Get Ready Because This Guy May End Up As The New Host Of Top Gear

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After previously denying it. Liar.

We know. Literally every week, sometimes a couple of times a week in fact, there's something new about the fate of Top Gear and its misfit trio of now former hosts. Today we're hearing that, despite earlier denials, BBC morning radio host Chris Evans will be filming a "Top Gear sequence" with an independent production company this week. He confirmed this was happening on his Twitter accounting, stating that "we're doing a Top Gear sequence with an independent production company and we're going to see how it goes."

Clarkson, Hammond, and May responded in kind via their Twitter accounts. Jezza said that "Next week, I'm doing a pilot Radio 2 breakfast show with an independent company." Hammond: "Next week I'm doing a pilot of The Two Show on Fridays with an independent production company." May: "I'm working on a new TV idea, with an independent production company, called TFI Thursday." All three finished their tweets with this: "We'll see how it goes," clearly mocking Evans. Are all three in on the gag? Is Evans seriously being looked at by the BBC? The speculation continues.

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