Get Ready For A Mercedes-Maybach SUV


A recent patent filing suggests another ultra-luxurious SUV is coming - just what the world needs.

Ever since Mercedes brought back the ultra-luxury Maybach name, it has only been applied to some of the most luxurious S-Class and G-Class models. Maybach may eventually go back to building its own standalone models, as AMG is currently doing with the GT, but for now, the name is only attached to existing Mercedes-Benz platforms.

Mercedes won't use the Maybach name on just any car, it has to be worthy of the badge - so don't expect an A-Class Maybach any time soon. We've been wondering what the next Mercedes-Maybach model will be and a recent patent filing discovered by AutoGuide gives us a clear indication.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes has recently filed trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the names 'GLS 600', 'GLS 680,' and 'S 680.' If these models do end up making production, it would fall in line with earlier rumors of a Maybach-branded GLS to rival the Bentley Bentayga. We aren't exactly sure why Mercedes filed for the '600' and '680' names but perhaps the '680' cars could be even more powerful versions of the GLS and S-Class. We don't know what will power these cars but Maybach products typically use a turbocharged V12.

We recently had the opportunity to drive the Vision Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept, which used four electric motors to produce 755 horsepower. While an EV drivetrain would be unique, we doubt Mercedes would go through the trouble of transforming the old GLS platform to accept electric motors.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes did replace the S 600 with the S 650 in the US, though it uses the S 680 name in China. This was only done because eight is a lucky number in China, so perhaps the '680' models won't even be sold in the US. The current S 650 produces 621 hp from a twin-turbo V12, so it's not exactly short of power. As for the GLS, we wouldn't be shocked if the US receives at least one Maybach-branded model, given the popularity of ultra-luxury SUVs like the Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz

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