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Get Ready For More Special Edition Kia Stinger Models

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We haven't seen the last Stinger special edition.

We haven't been quiet with our opinion—the Kia Stinger is a fantastic car. Other people seem to agree, because it didn't take long before dealers started to place markups on Kia's rear-drive sport sedan. Kia is feeling confident about its first ever sport sedan, and Kia North America product planner Orth Hedrick told AutoGuide the company's plans to introduce new Stinger model variants. We have already seen one with the Stinger Atlantica, a limited-run special edition with some stunning blue paint and a few additional technology features.

Hedrick didn't go into any more detail, but a performance version, premium version, or special editions could all be on the table. "We're looking at it (different Stinger variants)," Hedrick said. "The reaction has been phenomenal to (the Stinger). We're doing great, we have a very high mix of buyers, a lot coming from Optima, so we're looking to see if we can grow that. And I think there might be other opportunities down the road. It's a little early yet, we just got the car on the market, and we still have a handful of dealers who have never sold one yet. We'll probably wait for a while to get some data in and see what the reaction will be, how people feel about the brand, and then we'll probably build out from there."

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Hedrick explained the Stinger's positioning as a "want" vehicle, not a "need" vehicle. "We're going to be very aggressive for the lifecycle of this vehicle, we're going to be very aggressive with the colors," he said. "It's a fashion statement. You have to keep the car going with powertrain variants and other stuff coming down the road. I think this is something that we have to keep fresh. It's a 'want' car, so it will be like 'what's new, what do you guys have that's new?'" Kia has already added yellow to the Stinger's color options after receiving multiple requests for it. It seems like Kia is listening to the customer here, which is nice to see.