Get Ready For More Volts Because Chevy Has Just Trademarked "Crossvolt"

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Question is whether anyone will actually care enough to buy one.

The second generation Chevrolet Volt will debut in just a couple weeks' time at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, but it's become apparent that the automaker wants to expand the Volt family even further. According to recent reports, GM has just trademarked the name "Crossvolt." Actually, this is the second time GM has registered the name. It originally trademarked it back in 2011 but it expired last month due to not being used. But the company has applied for the name again.

So take a wild guess as to what the intention is here. You got it…a second-gen Volt-based crossover. A concept of sorts was revealed back in 2010, called the Volt MPV5, but it was based on the outgoing Volt's platform and powertrain. If GM management decides to proceed with a production version, then it's clear that the Toyota Prius V and Ford C-Max Hybrid will have a new competitor. We'll hopefully know more details next month. Who knows? Perhaps GM will also reveal a concept of its latest Crossvolt.

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